Quantcast Security Breach Procedure

VIII. Security Breach Procedure
Any significant site security breaches which pose an apparent danger to employees, equipment,
facilities or hazardous material shipments will be reported to the USACE (name of District)
security officer immediately. The (name of USACE office), who will respond according to the
nature of the event, will document all non-significant security breaches. Documentation of all
events shall be maintained by the USACE representative and the Security officer as
A significant security breach will include any:
 Actual attack or apparent attack
 Incident involving actual or attempted hijacking
 Deliberate act aimed at stopping a vehicle or causing an accident
 Incident involving the use or threatened use of weapons of any kind
 Discovery of sabotage or attempted sabotage of any shipment, equipment or security
 Unexplainable failure of security technology and systems
 Unauthorized personnel found in or attempting to enter areas involving hazardous materials
operations, tanks, trailers, and other specialized equipment for transportation of hazardous
 Loss, theft, or compromise of security sensitive information
 Cyber attack against USACE's business system
A non-significant security breach will include any:
 Observations of apparent or suspected characteristic terrorist operational acts
 Attempts to gain security related information from USACE personnel
 Employees accessing or attempting to access areas for which they are not authorized
 All other failures of security technology and systems, and other violations of security policies
and procedures
Revisions to this Security Plan
(Name of USACE office) will review the security records and performance of all operations at
least once per year to determine if any revisions are needed to this plan. Additionally, for each
significant breach of security the (Name of District) Security Officer will make a determination
whether any interim modifications are required. Finally, changes in Force Protection Levels
may also require modifications of this plan.
X. DOT Security Training Requirement
Site-specific security training is required for all HAZMAT employees at the site. Each hazmat
employee at this site must be trained concerning this Security Plan and its implementation.
The following persons have been trained on this security plan:


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